Custom Designs

Here are the custom wreaths that I have made to date.  I love working with customers to create these one of a kind gifts.

Feel free to contact me by email at if you are interested in a custom wreath!!

Yellow and Orange Deco Mesh Margaritaville Wreath
One of my family members is a huge Jimmy Buffet fan.  Her son wanted me to make here a wreath for Mothers Day and this is the design I came up with.
Thanks Cory!!

Lime Green and Pink Spiral Deco Mesh Butterfly Wreath with Picture Frame
Same family as mentioned above.  This time he wanted me to make a wreath for his sisters birthday.  I was told her favorite colors were pink and green and that she loved butterflies.  Together, we came up with this idea.  
Thanks Cory!!!

Brown Deco Mesh Woodland Forest Animals Wreath
This wreath was made for a good friends nursery.  I was given the theme and the baby's name.  This was the first wreath I made for a nursery.
Thanks Melissa!!!

Light Blue Deco Mesh Animal Babies Wreath
Once again, I was asked to make a wreath for a nursery.  I was told the baby's name and that the mother really liked elephants and animals in general. It took me a little while to decide what I wanted to do.  Then, I found these cute little plush finger puppets online and thought they would be perfect for the wreath.  I just attached them with velcro so they can be removed to play with from time to time.
Thanks Bekah!!  


Pink Spiral Deco Mesh Owl Wreath
My cousin requested this wreath to give as a birthday gift.  I was told that the birthday girl loves pink and owls.  Other than that, the only specification was she wanted a spiral wreath.
Thanks Stacy!!

Red, White and Black Deco Mesh Wreath with Decoupage Crosses
Same cousin as above wanted to give a gift to a friend that was graduating from San Diego State.  She wanted me to use the school colors.  She also advised that her friend loved the color orange and asked to include a cross.
Thanks Stacy!!! 

Pink and Black Deco Mesh Wreath with Silver Beaded Masquerade Mask
Made this one for my sister-in-law.  She told me her favorite colors and that she wanted a mask on the wreath.
Thanks Nikki!!

Blue and Yellow Deco Mesh Birdhouse Wreath
I was asked if I was interested in making a donation for a silent auction to benefit an elementary school.  I was told I could make anything I wanted.  
Thanks Petrina!!  

Purple and Silver Deco Mesh Awareness Wreath
Another cousin of mine is a cancer survivor.  She recently asked me to make a donation for her Relay for Life Event.  There were not specifications for the wreath.  I found small wooden ribbon shapes online and painted them various colors to represent different illnesses/cancers.
Thanks Tiffany!!

White Deco Mesh Music Wreath with Gold Sheet Music Venetian Mask
I was contacted by someone that found my Facebook Fan Page.  She advised that her church was having a fund raising event for their yearly Christmas Piano Concert.  I agreed to donate a wreath for a silent auction.  I was told I could make anything I wanted but wanted to make sure the wreath matched the occasion. I used tinsel roping to make bars of music then cut the notes out of felt. It was something a little different but I believe it came out great.

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