Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Oz Themed Mardi Gras Ball 2018

I mentioned in my last post about making a few Wizard of Oz Themed items prior to making the float.  So this is actually the prequel to the Oz Float.

My oldest brother, Bobby, was selected to participate in a local Mardi Gras Ball.  The theme was "Emerald City, There Is No Place Like Home."  I wasn't sure if he and his wife were really aware of all that goes into being part of Mardi Gras Ball.  I was a member of a krewe many many years ago so I knew exactly what they would be doing...basically.  I offered to help with anything they would need and about a month or so prior to the event my sister-in-law called.

She was looking to have small gifts made for each of his guests and didn't want to spend a large amount.  She also needed a Tin Man Heart.  Yes, my brother was the Tin Man.

The actual ball was amazing and my brother absolutely killed it and stole the show.  

Here was my small contribution.

First were the gifts that I came up with that would be for the guests.

An aluminum key chain with images printed via sublimation on each side.  It was expensive and it was a nice keepsake.  I created the design myself.

Wizard of Oz Key Chain
Wizard of Oz Key Chain

I also decided to make everyone a Heart Clock like the Tin Man received in the movie.  This was a bit time consuming but I knew what I wanted it to look like.  I just had trouble getting there.  I eventually did and they were great.

I used plastic heart ornaments that I filled with red cellophane.  I made a small clock face with vinyl and sublimation and attached beads to make it a necklace.

Small Heart Clock for Tin Man

The final item was the large Heart Clock that the Tin Man would actually wear during his performance.  It even had lights!

Tin Man Heart Clock with Lights
And the last pic I will post is of my brother as the Tin Man with my beautiful mom.

The Tin Man and Mom

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