Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Burlap Ruffle Wreaths

I recently had a request for a couple of burlap ruffle wreaths and of course I said no problem at all.  Ha!  I have made burlap wreaths just not the this particular type because for some reason I couldn't make it work the way I saw in several tutorials.  

I went out and gathered all of the necessary materials and probably watched/read 10 different tutorials on how to make them and just could not wrap my head around the concept.  I found one tutorial that said that it was so easy that it could be done in under 30 minutes.

Well, I am a bit picky with the way my wreaths look in the end so I tend to take longer just because that is what I do.

Anyway, after spending almost an entire weekend trying to figure out how to make it work for me......I was finally able to get one completely wrapped.  The problem....she wanted 2 identical wreaths for her double doors.   Yay!  

I was finally able to get them both done to my liking and they actually look pretty good.  I then decided that I would make another one for my mom but with different colors.

So the first photos are the 2 original wreaths that I made.  I also made the bows myself.  I just used a wired chevron print burlap ribbon that I attached to red burlap that I already had in my stash.
(These will be the ones with the letter "F")

My mom's wreath has a beautiful peacock feather ribbon with a robins egg colored burlap that I just happened to have in my stash.

The last couple of photos are follow up wreaths for a few people that saw the first ones I made and just had to have one.  I very rarely, if ever, so no.

I have gotten quicker with the burlap wrapping by still no where near 30 minutes.  

My customer sent me a photo of her wreaths on display.

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  1. Lol, 30min?!is that for a doll house?! Haha! I saw your 4th of July Curly wreath, while looking for ideas on what type of something to add to my now half finished wreath, bc I do this alllll the time.. Mind you, I started this wreath, last night, around 7pm, and it's now 9:50pm the next night, haha, and I'm still looking for ways to add the rest of the crap in to fill it. Haha, ughh, I verrry rarely have a clear picture in my head, of what I want it to look like after... I found when I did, it NEVER came out that way, so I learned to narrow it down a bit, like ok, I have burlap mesh, red burlap, red, white and blue mesh, and 4th themed burlap... With a bunch of burlap ribbon w various designs on it, let's get to work. Lol, then I figure it out as I go... Lucky is the person that knows what they want, knows how it'll look when done, & only takes 30 min to get there! Honestly, I still have a wreath ALMOST finished, from the first week of Jan, lol, that I'm not sure how to finsih! A normal wreath, prob takes me at least a weekend, bc I walk away from it, stuck on where I want it to go (I'm also super picky), but could even take me 3 months to complete it, bc I not only walk away, I walk away and erase it from my mind, while working on other things! Haha! So, as awesome as your tutorial on the July 4th wreath was, I'm not sure how it'll look.. I may try it.. I'm just .. Lol, stuck as usual, but determined to get it done! Then, I better get started on my Halloween wreaths, or they'll never be ready! Hahaha!! ;)


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