Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Collection of Sublimation Coasters I Have Designed

I am really bad at not updating this space often enough so when I do take the time to do it...I have so much to share.  
This is going to be just images of hardwood coaster sets I have designed and made as per specific requests as well as random things that I think about trying.

I do have a section in my Etsy Shop for my Coasters....stop by and check it out and I can do custom designs for pretty much anything you need.

I do all my layout and designing in Photoshop.  I am not super great but getting better.
UL Ragin Cajuns Coaster Set 1

For both of these sets (UL Coasters) I really played around with textures and shading just to see how it would turn out.

UL Ragin Cajuns Coaster Set 2 

This was actually the first set I made as a special request from my mom for a former boss lady.
Chicago Bears Coaster Set

Superman Coasters

Batman Coaster Set

LSU Tigers Coaster Set 1

The first design is one that I made for a reverse decoupage platter I made a year or so ago and looks equally amazing on the coaster with the sublimation printing.

LSU Tigers Coaster Set 2

Jesuit High School Coasters

Mount Carmel Academy Coasters

Not My Circus Not My Monkeys Coaster Set

This next set was lots of work but well worth it in the end.  The young lady pictured is a former co-worker and she wanted something different as a gift for a guy.  At the time I was hooked on Polaroid frames I found working with Photoshop so this is what I created for her.  Even down to the fake sharpie hand written info on the bottom of each.  They were pretty great.
Polaroid Frame with Wood Panel Photo Coasters

I used one of my favorite wedding photos just to see how the image would come out with the sublimation process.....and great was the answer!

USMC Eagle Globe Anchor Coasters

The OHIO Coaster Set started out as a burlap print if memory serves.  My mother-in-law then requested coasters as well as a coffee mug.
OHIO Coaster Set

New Orleans Pelicans Coaster

New Orleans Saints Coaster

A couple of Halloween Designs I came up with for some reason.
Halloween Coaster Set

Skulls and Argyle Coaster Set

Christmas Knits Coasters (kinda cute)

A Christmas Story Coaster Set (I just had to do it)

This last set started out as a background I made in Photoshop and changed the colors and made a beautiful set of Christmas Coasters.
Christmas Ornaments Coaster Set

Christmas Ornaments Coaster Set

Christmas Ornaments Coaster Set

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