Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Heat Press - A New Adventure

A few months ago I was trying to come up with a new/better/faster way to make my ceramic tile and resin coasters.  It's not that the process is's just time consuming.  Plus the waiting after they are covered with the resin is a real pain.  I like instant or close to instant gratification when it comes to my crafting.  

I started doing a little research and found that what I was doing was the easiest and quickest way for the type of coaster I was making.  Ugh!

So a few days later I am wasting time on Pinterest and I came across a pin on sublimation printing.  I dug a litter deeper and found what I was looking for.  The only problem was I need to purchase a heat press, another printer (I already have 3 in my work room) for sublimation printing and the items that I wanted to sublimate.   

After a few weeks of reading and finding out the details I decided to make a few large purchases.   I now own my very own 5 in 1 Heat Press.  It does all kinds of stuff but basically has the regular flat panel for shirts, coasters, mouse pads...anything flat basically.  It has a connection for mugs, one for hats, and 2 different connections for plates.  

This is a picture of my heat press. 

5 in 1 Heat Press
I also purchased a printer as well as pigment ink to do my sublimation printing.  It's just a regular printer with a cool attachment I had to purchase.  The ink reservoir I use actually sits outside of the printer itself.  It was a little intimidating at first but I managed to get through the set up process.

So I have my heat press and my dye sublimation printer.  I also ordered sublimation paper, hardwood coasters, a few sample packs of various heat transfer papers and a sample pack of this really great heat transfer vinyl that I will use from now on....nothing else.  
I actually had everything ready to go and set up for several weeks before I was brave enough to make my first coaster.  

Stay tuned....I will have some great pics of my new and improved coasters.

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