Wednesday, October 5, 2016

More Wedding Stuff

I totally forgot about coming back and posting more of my wedding.  Yep...I know it has been several months but it is still all so fresh in my memory.  Definitely the best day ever.  

So here are a few more photos of my wedding day.

I didn't want a typical wedding.  I also believe I said before that I just wanted a big party with a quick ceremony mixed in...and that is what we had.

For our guest book I made a large Polaroid Picture Prop.  I actually made 2 of them.  As our guests arrived we had them hold it and we had someone taking pictures.   Great keepsake for us after the wedding.  The other prop was used as the actually guest book.  We had them all sign it instead of a regular guest book.  It was pretty cool and I think everyone enjoyed the prop.

Cory and Myself

My Mom and Dad

Cory's Mom and Dad
The one we used as a guest book

Instead of throwing whatever regular people throw at weddings, I decided to do paper airplanes.  We weren't leaving so I had a few people pass around the planes during the ceremony and once it was announced they were told to throw them towards us.   I was really excited about this for some reason.  The planes had both of our names on them and underneath one side read, "We're Not Gay" and the other side, "But This Wedding Is."  
Plus I made plenty for guests to take them home.
After watching the video...the effect is exactly what I wanted. 

Paper Airplane Wedding Throws

As you can see.....lots of planes in the pool.

Oh brother actually built a plank across his pool.  The one thing that Cory said during the planning process was that it would be cool to get married on top of the pool.  So I told my brother and we did!

We wanted to give a gift to our guests that would be something special for them to keep and remember this day.  We came up with a list of songs that all have some special meaning to one or the both of us.  Some funny...some sad...some just crazy.  But they all said something about our time together.  Our guests each received a CD of these songs.  I also made CD Sleeves from scrapbook paper.  I think I ended up making around 80 or so.  Every sleeve was two alike.  Each one had our names on them with all kinds of different fonts.

Personal Song List CD Gift for Guests

And to go along with the rustic theme this is how they were displayed.  In wooden boxes on a ladder.

 This way our guest could go through them and find the color and style that they liked.  All the cd's were the same...just the cases were different.

My brother informed me a few weeks prior to the wedding that he had a few yard games if we wanted to put them out.....of course!
Well he had a washer toss and a corn hole board.  Yeah...I took that and ran with it...corn holing at the gay wedding.   That is perfect.

So I made another small keepsake for everyone.

The front read, "I Got Cornholed At Brad and Cory's Wedding and All I Got Was This Stupid Keychain!" and the back had the date.

It was perfect....for us.

So last few pics for as you know our colors ended up being yellow and gray.   We didn't want to wear suits or anything formal.   We decided to jazz it up a little.

Cory and I wore Yellow Chuck Taylor All Stars and our siblings...guys and gals...wore Gray Chuck Taylor All stars.
I also purchased gray and yellow argyle socks for all of us to wear.

My Wedding Day Yellow Chuck Taylors and Argyle Socks
Overall Look

I also played some with Photoshop after the wedding to show off the yellow...and it worked out better than I could have imagined.

Cory, Myself and Our Awesome Brothers and Sisters

And just a few more that I changed to black and white with only yellow color showing.  They aren't perfect...but I love them.

And I also had a friend from Etsy make our mom's rustic, burlap, wrist corsage things.  They were gorgeous.

Out of all of the pictures from our wedding...and I sorted through thousands....this is by far my absolute favorite.  My mom and dad.  Just the fact that they were both able to share in the best day of my life is truly a blessing.  

My Mom and Dad

So I guess that is all on the wedding for now.   I may post more pics later.  Just some random pics.

I may also share a slideshow/video I made.  I used some of the songs from our cd gift and lots and lots of pictures from the beginning of the day to the end of the day to make a very long slideshow.   I couldn't trim it because I wanted all of it in it's mine.  I can do what I want.

I may share that at some point.

Thanks for letting me go on and on about my wedding.

Heat Press - A New Adventure

A few months ago I was trying to come up with a new/better/faster way to make my ceramic tile and resin coasters.  It's not that the process is's just time consuming.  Plus the waiting after they are covered with the resin is a real pain.  I like instant or close to instant gratification when it comes to my crafting.  

I started doing a little research and found that what I was doing was the easiest and quickest way for the type of coaster I was making.  Ugh!

So a few days later I am wasting time on Pinterest and I came across a pin on sublimation printing.  I dug a litter deeper and found what I was looking for.  The only problem was I need to purchase a heat press, another printer (I already have 3 in my work room) for sublimation printing and the items that I wanted to sublimate.   

After a few weeks of reading and finding out the details I decided to make a few large purchases.   I now own my very own 5 in 1 Heat Press.  It does all kinds of stuff but basically has the regular flat panel for shirts, coasters, mouse pads...anything flat basically.  It has a connection for mugs, one for hats, and 2 different connections for plates.  

This is a picture of my heat press. 

5 in 1 Heat Press
I also purchased a printer as well as pigment ink to do my sublimation printing.  It's just a regular printer with a cool attachment I had to purchase.  The ink reservoir I use actually sits outside of the printer itself.  It was a little intimidating at first but I managed to get through the set up process.

So I have my heat press and my dye sublimation printer.  I also ordered sublimation paper, hardwood coasters, a few sample packs of various heat transfer papers and a sample pack of this really great heat transfer vinyl that I will use from now on....nothing else.  
I actually had everything ready to go and set up for several weeks before I was brave enough to make my first coaster.  

Stay tuned....I will have some great pics of my new and improved coasters.