Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wreath Tutorial Success

Last February I posted a tutorial on 
I am not super active with my blog but try to add items and info when I have free time.  I really don't see a ton of traffic but it's works for me.  I am pleased.   When I posted the tutorial I wasn't really thinking that it would receive all that much attention.  I just thought that it would be a nice gesture for someone looking to make one.  I know when I first started out I could not find a complete tutorial.  They would provide just enough information to make me angry.

So, I figured it out pretty much by a combination of several different tutorials.  This is just the way I make them and I am sure there are other ways.  But...this one works for me.

Now, a little over a year later I am completely overwhelmed and overjoyed at the number of wonderful comments I am getting.  It really makes me happy to know that information I provided has helped and is helping so many wonderful people.

Thank you all for the comments and please...keep the coming.  It makes me smile every time I get a new message.

Recently I received a comment and we went back and forth with a few replies....which were all awesome and quite funny.  
Genevieve R. made her own spiral deco mesh wreath with a little assistance from my very wordy tutorial.  And..she was kind enough to send a photo of her completed wreath!!!!!

Thanks Genevieve..You Rock!!

Heather just recently submitted a wreath that she completed!
Thanks Heather!!

Another Wreath Pic from Kayla!!
Thanks Kayla...great job!!

A few more wreath submissions to share! 
These are from Christina B. and Nicole V.
Thank you both!!!!

Get your wreath added here.  You can send me your pics to

Another awesome Halloween wreath by Celeste!!

This next submission came in from Mary B. way back before Christmas.  I am just now getting back into the flow after my holiday rush.
My apologies Mary...for taking so long to post your beautiful wreath.

Check out the latest user submitted wreath.  This gorgeous St. Patrick's Day Wreath Spiral Mesh Wreath was created by Donna. 
Thanks so much for sending in your photo.

I just received another stunning wreath created by Rosita.  I love the colors she chose for her Spiral Mesh Wreath.
Thanks You Rosita!!!

Second wreath submission from Rosita!  Keep 'em coming!

Take a look at my newest submission from Mary Beth.
A beautiful Patriotic Spiral Mesh Wreath!
Love it!
Thanks Mary Beth!!!

I am absolutely loving the great wreath submissions!  Keep 'em coming!

Here is another beautiful Patriotic Spiral Mesh Wreath by Cheryl W. in Orlando.  

Thanks for sharing your wreath with us Cheryl!


  1. Thank you again for the shout out and for sharing your talent! So few people are willing to do that and it shows not only the care you take in creating your stunning pieces, but the care you take in helping others learn the craft! Again, a million thank yous!!!!

  2. Thank you again for the shout out and for sharing your talent! So few people are willing to do that and it shows not only the care you take in creating your stunning pieces, but the care you take in helping others learn the craft! Again, a million thank yous!!!!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to post your tutorial, making this type of wreath seems possible now. Thanks again!

  4. Hi there! I just made my second spiral wreath and the problem that I have, is that the curls keeps wanting to curl around the back of the wreath. Do you have any tips to stop that from happening?

    1. Sorry...i am just seeing this. The only time i have experienced this is when I roll them too tight and/or twist the bunch together to tight. See if that helps. If not let me know.


  5. Thank you so much for posting my picture and, of course, thanks again for your tutorials!

    1. Rosita I am just glad it helped you. Also..i will be posting your other wreath shortly.


  6. Hi Brad! I am on the other side of the lake in Ponchatoula! I started trying to make wreaths a couple of months ago during a sons extended hospital stay in Florida- it keeps my brain "still" I like to say- but for every ten I make {and take apart} there may be one I really like. Were you like that too? I was so happy to find LOUISIANA "represented" in the wreath world- and love your site and wreaths- and TUTORIAL! You will be happy to know that every board and search I do- I see it!!!!! I don't even know you - but I'm like " Go BRAD!"
    So happy for your success!
    Are you getting that I too am a little wordy?
    So, I am a teacher here in Tangipahoa Parish, and wreath making is my therapist lately! LOL!
    I'm always on the look out for great buys on ribbon and such- please "holla back" if you have any tips- I use Craft Outlet and The Wreath Shop out of Texas- and am "trolling" for deals on ebay and such - that aren't in China.
    Thanks so much- You do not have to publish this comment, just wanted to touch base from the North Shore! Have a great day and contact me anytime at ( I LOVE manatees and go swim with them in Florida at least once every year!)

    1. Philicia,

      You can never be too wordy for me...born and raised in South Louisiana so I always have lots to say.
      I do appreciate the cheers and love that my items are making there way around and back again to Tangipahoa!
      I will shoot you an email probably later this evening. If you had any particular questions feel free to email me at

      Will definitely chat soon.


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