Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Wedding Continued

So a little more about my wedding.  When I first started planning I didn't think I would be picking colors for our event.  I wasn't sure why I would need to pick colors but I soon found out...having a color scheme in mind would make thinks much easier.

So invitations are made so I decided I liked the colors so we decided on gray and yellow.  (BTW:  it has become my favorite color combination)

We also picked a brother's home.  We would have an outdoor, rustic, totally casual gay wedding.  Of course once I asked my sister-in-law if we could have it there things really took off.  She was way more excited than I thought she would be.   
Ok...rustic...outdoor...casual.  Got it!

We decided that since it would be outdoors around their pool we would just get bales of hay for seating.  I didn't want people to have dirty bums so I opted to make burlap covers for the hay.

The drink station was also very country and rustic.  We used metal wash tubs placed at different heights.  

So enough about the talking.  Here are some of the pics from the work in progress to the final product.

I purchased these large paper mache type letters from Hobby Lobby.  Slapped a little point on them them to brighten them up a little.
Now, I didn't want to spend a tone of money on frames but everything the size I needed was crazy expensive.

I made frames from distressed wood I found at Hobby Lobby.  6 pieces for around $5.  Was exactly the look I wanted.

To stick with the outdoorsy rustic look we also decided for aluminum tubs for our drink station.  

I had seen a similar version on Pinterest and decided to give it my own little touch.  I used real spoons and a cute wooden plate I found for a few dollars.
We placed it in the center of our food table.  Just to make sure that everyone had a chance to see it.  
I spent lots of time on these items so I was making sure they would be seen.
So the last pics for the day.  Instead of renting chairs, we purchased like 16 bails of hay and spread around the back yard and around the pool.  
(My brother built a ramp over the pool for us to stand on for the ceremony.)

 I didn't want just plain hay so I made burlap covers for each.  Just something to lay on top to make it look a little nicer.  White, Gray and Yellow Burlap with a similar diamond pattern to our invitations.

And this is how they looked the day of the wedding.
I love how they turned out. 

When I have a little more time I am going to cut them down and frame them for family and close friends.  Just as a token of our appreciation for all they did for us.

More pics later!!


  1. Congrats to you and your partner Brad! I love the color scheme and all the fabulous DIY items you made. It really looks beautiful. I love your site (I just found you through Pinterest). I commented last night on your Halloween sunburst wreath post, but I don't see it. Not sure if there was an error on my computer's part. Wishing you guys a lifetime of love, health, and happiness. :)

  2. Leila,

    Thank you so much...I really appreciate it! I am glad you stumbled upon my site. It's not anything major but I enjoy what I do.
    I will check to make sure that my comments are set correctly. Every now and then it makes me approve the comments and I have to reset it so I don't have to do that at all.

    I will pass on your sentiment to Cory and thank you again.

    Best to you as well!


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