Monday, March 28, 2016

My Wedding

I just recently married my partner of 7 1/2 years.  After he proposed and I said yes...we had decided to have a quick ceremony at the courthouse with a few witnesses and that would be it.
Well, as we began to tell friends and family that plan was completely destroyed. 
So it is the end of January 2016 and we set a quick date for March 18.  We just kind of picked a day that would allow his family to come in from Ohio.

At first I didn't give it much thought.  After a few days passed I started thinking about all of the things that would need to be done in a very short period of time.  Also, we really didn't want to spend a large amount of money so I decided to make almost everything myself.

My first objective was to quickly get invitations ready to mail since our event would be coming up rather quickly.  I wanted to make sure people had time to plan.  Even though I really wasn't expecting a huge crowd.  

After a few very long days I finally decided on an invitation and after many failed attempts at getting it the way I wanted....My invitations were complete..printed and ready to mail.

I made a large invite and the size at the moment escapes me..but it was the standard size I saw that I could order online.  I also made a small lagniappe card with just general information.  We were planning a very small, laid back, party type event with a quick ceremony in the middle.
I also made RSVP Post Cards.  

Here was what I came up with.  There are not perfect but it was my creation and I love them.
My Wedding Invitation
(some info has been removed)
Lagniappe Card
(tidbits of info)

RSVP Postcard Front and Back
I will be adding more photos of my DIY Wedding in the coming days.