Monday, February 22, 2016

Music Themed Springtime Deco Mesh Wreath

I recently had a special request to make and Spring Deco Mesh Wreath with a Music Theme
that is to be given to a local school for a band fundraiser.

Originally I thought easy enough I can do music and I can do problem.  Well, when I finally got the time to start looking for supplies and ideas there was absolutely nothing.  I was able to find plenty of music stuff but not in the colors that I wanted, which was anything other than black.

So after weeks of searching I decided that I would have to just make everything that I would put on the wreath.  And that is exactly what I did.  The only thing on the wreath that I did not make was the fence.  

All of the cutouts and designs etc. are paper.  Some single layers some multiple layers.  Once I put the line of music on the fence I knew it would be perfect.  I ended up and the curve to it towards the end because I wanted to look like flowing music. 

I also decided on the butterflies because they represent spring and could flow with the music.

I printed sheet music onto white card stock to make the flowers...which turned out amazing.  I even had a few that I made then used watercolors on top to add color.  They were awesome as well but too much for this wreath.  They will show up again soon. is my Music Themed Springtime Deco Mesh Wreath....Custom Made!

Music Themed Spring Deco Mesh Wreath - Custom Order