Friday, January 29, 2016

Miller Lite Bottle Cap Wreath

I am still trying to use up the buckets and buckets of bottle caps that my aunt gave me a couple of years ago.  It seems like the more of these I make..the more caps I have.

Some ones I have made are a generic everything wreath, bud light, Landshark, and Dos Equis. I now have a Miller Lite Wreath to add to the list.

I always use a one of the straw wreath forms when I make a bottle cap wreath.   It definitely holds up much better to the weight of the caps and all of the hot glue that I use getting them on.

I also put hemp on all of least I have so far.  It just gives it something extra in my opinion.

Depending on the size of the wreath form, I use anywhere from 150 to 200 bottle caps for each wreath.  These are definitely fun, but a bit time consuming to make.


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