Saturday, October 17, 2015

How About A Creepy Halloween Wreath

Halloween Bloody Eyeballs
Ping Pong Ball Wreath

Who doesn't like a little something a little gory for Halloween.

The base of this wreath is a 14" straw wreath.  I wrapped the form with black duct tape for a couple of reasons.   It makes the wreath a little stronger and also I wanted a black background behind the eyes.

I used 80 or so ping pong balls that were individually glued to the wreath.  I added googly eyes to each of the ping pong balls.   To enhance the look of the wreath I used red acrylic paint and splattered it all over the ping pong balls.  

The completed wreath measures about 18" wide and 5" deep.  I did add a small hanging loop to the back of the wreath.

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