Monday, February 16, 2015

Patriotic Red White and Blue Deco Mesh Sunburst Wreath

Patriotic Red, White and Blue 
Deco Mesh Sunburst Wreath

Celebrate the Red White and Blue with this Beautiful and Full Deco Mesh Sunburst Wreath.

The base of the wreath is a 10" wire wreath form. I used red deco mesh, blue deco mesh and a red, white and blue plaid patter deco mesh to make the individual pom poms that were attached to the wreath.

I added tons of ribbon to each pom pom. There is a red and white ribbon, blue and white ribbon and a silver sheer glitter ribbon.

The completed wreath is full and measures about 24" wide and 8" deep.

Patriotic Deco Mesh Sunburst Wreath



  1. Thank you, I've been wanting to make a spiral wreath!

  2. Brad,when you cut the 10inch squares for the wreath,how did you keep it from fraying all over. Thanks

    1. Patty,

      I always have some fraying and the more you work it once cut the more it frays. I've tried a few different things that helps reduce it. Cheap aquanet hairspray works pretty good as a temporary hold as well as clear acrylic sealer. I lightly spay the edges once cut. Let it dry then do what I plan to do with them. But for me there is always a bit a fraying. Hope that helps.



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