Saturday, September 20, 2014

Halloween Spiderwebs and Skulls Deco Mesh Wreath

Halloween Spiderwebs and Skulls 
Deco Mesh Wreath

Most of the Halloween Wreaths that I see are cutesy. I wanted to make something a little more gruesome and eerie.

The last picture was taken later in the evening without a flash or any external light source. It is a bit dark but it does make the wreath look even more eerie that the lighter pictures.

I used a 12" wire wreath form for the base of this Halloween Wreath. I used two layers of deco mesh to make it nice and full.

I had plastic skulls just lying around so attached three of those and it looked amazing but I still wanted more. I don't always believe that less is more!

I pulled out a bag of spiderweb that I bought and just kind of stretched and tucked out all over the wreath and then threw on the plastic spiders. The spiders are just pretty much caught in the web and the web is pretty much just tucked and pinched in places so it may shift and move.

This is definitely not a wreath that you would want to get wet.

The completed wreath measures about 20" wide and 6" deep.

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Halloween Spiderwebs and Skulls Deco Mesh Wreath

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