Saturday, September 20, 2014

Halloween Black and Orange Deco Mesh Wreath the Tinsel Witch Hat

Halloween Black and Deco Mesh Witch Wreath

Another big and colorful Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath for your home.

I started with a 12" wire wreath form. I used black deco mesh, orange deco mesh and black and orange striped deco mesh. I used the mesh and made 10 individual "pompoms."

I also added three types of ribbon to each of the pompoms. There is a plaid Halloween print, orange fabric, and a white and black witch print ribbon.

In the center of the wreath I placed a Black and Orange Tinsel Witch Hat.

The completed wreath measures a little over 24" wide and 10" deep.

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Halloween Black and Orange Deco Mesh Wreath



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