Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pink Blue and Green Deco Mesh Ruffle Wreath

Pink Blue and Green Deco Mesh Ruffle Wreath
Perfect to decorate your home for Spring and Summer.

The base of this wreath is a 14" wire wreath form. I used chenille stems to attach all of the deco mesh for this wreath.

The outer layer is a light blue deco mesh followed by a pink deco mesh. The center of the wreath is filled with a pink, blue and lime green metallic deco mesh.

The layered effect of the ruffles make this a nice and full wreath that measures about 22" wide and 7" deep. I have had customers that have been able to fit this wreath on a front door that also has a storm door.  

Pink and Blue Deco Mesh Ruffle Wreath

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