Sunday, April 6, 2014

Yarn Wrapped Letter "M"

Yarn Wrapped Letter "M"

My mom asked me to make this particular item for a family friend.  She had seen this type of wall hanging and figured I could make one.  So this was my first attempt at it and in my opinion it is not an easy task.  My hat is off to anyone that makes these on a regular basis.
Now, I have seen some that are just kind of wrapped willy nilly and some that are really good.  
 I tend to take pride in my work and don't want anything going out that I would be embarrassed for people to know that I made it.  
It took me several frustrating hours to make this one yarn wrapped letter and unless someone would request it again, I am pretty sure I will not be doing these on a regular basis.
That being said, I am quite pleased with the way that it eventually turned out and of course, my mom loved it, but she is my mom. 

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