Sunday, April 13, 2014

Turquoise and Gold Deco Mesh Peacock Wreath

Turquoise and Gold Deco Mesh Peacock Wreath

I was recently contacted by a wonderful lady named Laurie that runs a Bed and Breakfast in the Uptown New Orleans area.  She was looking for a wreath to hang on her front door that expressed what the inside of her home looked like. 
I meet with Laurie one afternoon and was able to take a look around her large, beautiful home.  We spent a little time talking about what she wanted.  After the meeting I knew that she wanted a nice statement piece for her Home/Bed and Breakfast to welcome her guests.  This is my creation for Laurie.

If you are planning a trip to New Orleans and want to stay at a warm and welcoming Bed and Breakfast, consider The Treehouse Uptown. 

Now about the wreath.  I started with a 20" wire wreath form.  I found a deco mesh that was a mixture of turquoise and gold.  I used nearly 2 complete rolls of mesh to make this wreath as full as possible.  I added yellow faux burlap ribbon around the entire wreath.  I found a gorgeous turquoise peacock ribbon that I used to make the bow.  I also added 20" tall peacock feather floral sprays.  The completed wreath measures 27" wide.  Definitely the largest wreath I have made to date and it is lovely.

And here is a shot I took after I delivered the wreath.  I looks great on her door!!
The Treehouse Uptown

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