Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Saints Inspired Black and Gold Deco Mesh Fleur De Lis Wreath

Who Dat!!!!

This wreath is quite obviously inspired by the New Orleans Saints but is perfect for anyone that loves black, gold and fleur de lis.

I have been having the ribbon for several months but wasn't quite sure what I was going to make. While looking through my stash of deco mesh I found that I still had black and gold and then it hit me.

For the center I used black deco mesh with gold metallic stripes and the for the outside I used a brownish gold deco mesh. The ribbon is black with gold glitter fleur de lis...and I used quite a bit of it on this wreath. I also found a bronze colored metal fleur de lis in my box of goodies. So, I primed and painted it and then pulled out my extra fine gold glitter. I also used a couple of coats of acrylic sealer to keep the glitter from coming off.

I used a 14" wire wreath form. The finished wreath measures about 22" wide and 8" deep. The metal fleur de lis in the center is 8" tall and 6" wide.

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