Sunday, September 15, 2013

Florida Gators Blue Orange and Green Yarn Wreath

Go Gators!!

I had someone message me on Facebook about the Team Wreaths that I currently had available and was asked if I had one for the Florida Gators. I didn't at the time but advised that I would definitely add it to my collection. I completed the wreath and sent her a photo and she loved it and bought it. I have now added it to my shop!!

I used a standard 14" styrofoam wreath form and wrapped it with blue, orange and green yarn. I wrap the yarn pretty tight and do no overlap the yarn at any point with the exception of adding the pennants.

I created a stencil for the "F" and then cut it out of orange felt. I added to layers of white felt behind the letter to give it a little more stability. The pennants are also cut from white felt and attached to yarn. I painted 1.5" wooden letters to attach to the pennants.

I actually love the colors of this wreath. I believe that it represents the team quite well.

If you don't see your team here, just send me a message and I will be happy to create a custom order.

Custom Designs are always accepted!!

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